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Aluminum Ducting - Flexible

T/L-T - Insulated Aluminum Flex Duct

Part Number: 1TLTXXX

Triple Lock insulated aluminum flex duct with a polyethylene vapour barrier - Class 1 air duct/connector. T/L-T is manufactured by using a dead soft aluminum strip, spirally wound and mechanically joined together with an inner duct that is covered with a thick fiberglass insulation and a flame retardant, non-toxic polyethylene vapour barrier. This top rated ULC-S110 and UL-181 Class 1 product is an excellent insulated air duct for most energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

T/L-T  - Insulated Aluminum Flex Duct
T/L-T - Insulated Aluminum Flex Duct

Aluminum Ducting - Flexible 

For questions regarding installation of Aluminum Ducting - Flexible systems, kindly contact your local branch, or contact us by email at sales@novaflex.com.
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