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Fume Vent

Fume Vent

Part Number: Fume Vent
FumeVent Lab Smart Laboratory Exhaust System
Features: Factory expanded pipe and fitting ends. Fusion welded pipe seams. Fully welded fittings 4” through 24” diameters
Constructed from: 20 GA Stainless Steel 304L/316L Stainless Steel Benefits: Air and watertight seams. Meets SMACNA’s RT-6 Standard. Field labour savings. Lab-Smart design. Cut to length on site. Directional exhaust flow. Self supporting connections.
Applications: Anaesthetic gas scavenging systems; Hot lab exhaust;
Bio-safety cabinets; Cart wash exhaust.

Fume Vent
Fume Vent

Fume Vent 

For questions regarding installation of Fume Vent systems, kindly contact your local branch, or contact us by email at sales@novaflex.com.
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